Who we are

If you think that Turin is a grey and boring industrial city, it is time to change your mind! If you have a few free days to treat your eyes and your palate to a great experience, you will be pleasantly surprised, as were Rousseau, Verdi and Nietzsche. Turin still bears the signs of its illustrious and royal past. A “bicerin” (a typical mixed coffee drink) or a cocktail in one of Turin’s historical cafés; a visit to one of its prestigious museums; or a simple walk under its 10 miles of porticos, will leave you wanting to return. If instead you have more time available, you could explore its surroundings and the Olympic Valleys. Here, you will find art treasures like the Sacra di San Michele and Sant’Antonio di Ranverso Church, plus the cities of Chieri, Susa, Agliè and Ivrea —- immersed in a beautiful countryside, filled with history and traditions. You might also treat yourselves to an excursion to the Langhe region, in search of rolling hills, ancient castles, prized wines, such as Barolo and Barbaresco, and local specialties, such as White Truffle of Alba, Torrone (nougat), and Hazelnuts.

Donatella e Alessandro

Donatella has a degree in Languages and Foreign Literature as well as a Masters in Tourism and is a Certified Tour Guide. She speaks fluent English, French and Japanese and is very experienced both as a guide and as a personal travel planner, balancing culture with pleasure.

Alessandro, born in Turin, is a professional musician and music teacher. Driven by his love for his native region, he pursued Certification as a professional Tour Guide in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese, with Contemporary Architecture as his specialty. Guided tours with Alessandro are unique, thanks to his versatile skill and energy.